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Bolivia Los Rodriguez Geisha - Experimental Lot 1

92pts. Extremely delicate, jasmine, lychee, peach, molasses sweetness 

Producer: Los Rodriguez Family
Country: Bolivia
Region: Samaipata
Varietal: Geisha
Process: Coco Natural

Roast Profile: Filter

About Los Rodriguez

Pedro Rodriguez is a passionate pioneer of specialty coffee in Bolivia. Entering the coffee industry in 1986, Pedro recognised the potential of coffee-growing in the region, that is not traditionally known for coffee production, and spent the last three decades developing the industry in Bolivia together with his son Pedro Pablo, and daughter, Daniela. Read more about their projects here.

Finca Los Rodriguez is a large stretch of land that includes a collection of smaller farms and microlots specifically planted with different varieties proven to be suitable to the land and the altitude. Overall, they currently have over 60 different varietals planted at the farm in the hopes of discovering which are the best for their terroir. Keeping track of so many varietals is tough, but to help them distinguish their lots, the Rodriguez family have kept the lemon and tangerine trees planted to mark out sections of the farm. Not a family to be wasteful, they also use these fruit trees to sell fruit at local markets.

Los Rodriguez has a wonderfully tropical microclimate with high humidity levels and cool overnight temperatures. The soil profile and ecosystem is distinct to the area and the surrounding bushland is covered with the floripondio trees. Legend has it that laying beneath the floripondio tree will help you dream. Perhaps this is thanks to the flowers that may possess hallucinogenic properties, or perhaps it is simply magical.

The Rodriguez’s smaller lot named after these trees, Finca Floripondio, is where they dedicate the varieties to experimental processing and harvesting. Always developing and always exploring, Project Origin are excited to see where Los Rodriguez will go and what inspires the Rodriguez family to create and craft some extraordinary flavours through their coffee trees.

Processing Details 

- Cherries are hand picked and selected at or above 24 Brix 
- Cherries are further sorted to remove unripe cherries o Whole cherries are left to ferment for 10 hours 
- Cherries are dried using a mechanical drying machine called a dryer box that dries the beans slowly and at a constant temperature 
- Drying takes 150 hours until moisture content is reduced to 10-12% 
- Beans are stored in dried cherry pods until ready for export

This resulted in sweet and floral yet super clean natural processed coffee.

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