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Drip Bags Set - 6 Sachets


Each set comes with 2 Bags each of 3 different coffees. We handpicked these coffees to best represent the flavours of the season.

El Salvador Los Pirineos Pacamara Jasper (2 Bags)
Tasting Notes: Cherry, Cranberry, Dark chocolate
Producer: Diego Baraona

Why we selected this?
Pacamaras are known for it’s rich body, dark chocolate characteristics and high sweetness. This lot was an easy choice for Christmas as it comes with the trademarks of Pacamaras and is bursting with ripe cherry and raspberry notes. The CM Natural process with this varietal 's a winning combo.

Nicaragua El Hormiguero (2 Bags)
Notes: Stewed pear, brown sugar, red apple
Producer: Ramon Blandino

Why we selected this?
During our visit to Nicaragua this year, we had the opportunity to drop by the humble home of Ramon Blandino. Situated in the highlands of Dipilto, Don Ramon greeted us with the brightest, most genuine smile. His coffees grew around his beautiful little wooden house where he also rared some goose, chicken, dogs among others. That smile, having coffee and bananas with his family will forever live in our memories. We’re happy we get to share his coffee all the way here.

Signature Blend (2 Bags)

Tasting Notes: Orange, Orange Peels, Cranberry, Florals

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