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Iris Estate - Aril (CM Washed)

Tasting notes of Soursop, Mango, Jasmine, Floral, Starfruit

Producers: Jamison Savage, Saša Šestić, Elvin Siew
Process: CM Washed
Altitude: 1850 - 2300m
Lot: Aril
Varietal: Green Tip Geisha

Iris Estate is your window into the world of coffee cultivation and production. This co-owned and managed farm in the highest of heights in Panama exists to explore the possibilities of coffee agriculture, discover the depths of processing techniques and celebrate the true superheroes of the industry: the producers. The three owners of this estate want to share every aspect of what it takes to grow and produce the perfect cup of coffee that tastes like the terroir from which it grew. Iris Estate is here to celebrate terroir based processing, the work of the producer, and the trees as being the number one source of coffee quality.

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