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Nicaragua El Hormiguero - Washed


86pts: Stewed pear, brown sugar, red apple, orange, very juicy

Producer:  Ramon Blandino
Varietal: Bourbon
Process: Washed
Altitude: 1300m

During our visit to Nicaragua this year, we had the opportunity to drop by the humble home of Ramon Blandino. Situated in the highlands of Dipilto, Don Ramon greeted us with the brightest, most genuine smile. His coffees grew around his beautiful little wooden house where he also rared some goose, chicken, dogs among others. That smile, having coffee and bananas with his family will forever live in our memories. We’re happy we get to share his coffee all the way here.

This is a coffee exported by our local partners. in Nicaragua, Bridazul.

About Bridazul

Bridazul is committed to securing fair value for producers through considering the cost of production and quality of the coffee and commits to not selling coffees in a way that loses money for the producers, as this is not sustainable long term. Simultaneously, where coffee quality is high but cost of production is not, the pricing is not
exaggerated unnecessarily. This helps build relationships between buyers and producers that are mutually beneficial long term, where both parties can feel secure and justified in their part of the sale.

Founders of Bridazul, Claudia and Tim, work with producers such as Mario to encourage connection, community and information sharing. By doing this, they aim to help producers throughout Dipilto to increase the quality of their coffees and provide more for their communities.

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